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A little about how design and technologies help in life, career and business. Sharing facts from my own cases.
Design is not only about convenient web-sites, spectacular business cards and logos. It is a tool that is capable of much. It's allow you to establish the work of an IT specialist or contractor, organize aerial photography, without leaving home. It is possible to make the St. Petersburg metro map so useful to get a job in Art. Lebedev Studio (Russia's #1 design studio). You can redesign the famous real estate site and find your concept on the pages of the Russia's most popular IT-community.

Design thinking turns crazy ideas into tangible products: a website-card of an IT company can talk. Live broadcast where it's impossible to escape from viewer's questions have become a reality.

Design knows no boundaries — people from all over the planet equally feel attention to details and ready to pay for it.
Design in Use
This site tells about the markets and audiences analysis, about building strategies for the growth of IT products and companies, about the design and positioning of brands and products, about advertising and marketing, and a little bit about navigation on transport and public places.
The landing will appeal to desig­ners, IT-specialists, managers and business owners, interested in the growth.
ama 2.0 concept, 2017
Airbnb was a rental service and became a platform to take a bright travel. Tinkoff was an online-bank with a limited range of it's own products — became a huge marketplace of financial services for all occasions. Uber helped to get a taxi, but learned to tell the latest news, turn on the radio on a trip and offer restaurants at the place of arrival.

What's next with the real estate web-services?
The Future of Real Estate Websites
St. Petersburg Metro Map, 2013
In 2013, I was actively interested in the architecture and design of the urban environment. When ArtLebedev Studio has released a new map of the Moscow metro — I decided to redesign the metro map of St. Petersburg and show it to Artemy Lebedev, with my other achievements in the field of urban design. I sent the letter to him via e-mail.

He answer me a minute later. Literally.
How to Get a Job at the Russia's #1 Design Studio?

SPBGuru and MSKGuru, 2016

New Buildings from the Height of a Bird's Flight
So, you need 2-3 video clips of new buildings from St. Petersburg in a week and the same count from Moscow. How to organize high-quality aerial photography, editing and publishing video clips by the three landing-pages and the Internet without leaving home?

SPBGuru and MSKGuru, 2016

New Buildings from the Height of a Bird's Flight
amagroup website, 2017
The «amagroup» company creates and develops it's own projects on the Internet. It was necessary to tell about it by the simple one-page website, having reflected the main passions of founders: technologies, uniqueness and creativity.

The result, literally, speaks for itself. But the most interesting thing in this story is the approach to the implementation of the idea...
Speaking Website
Lipe, 2016
I embodied even really bold ideas. On the wave of popularity of Periscope (the app for conducting and watching live broadcasts) we created a web-service, where live comments of the audience are voiced one-by-one, so the author of the broadcast couldn't ignore even the uncomfortable questions in front of everyone.
Can't Avoid the Question
Delta Bank Online, 2014
Today it is difficult to imagine a successful bank without a convenient online-service for the clients. At the beginning of 2014 the best solutions looked and worked as the Internet of the 90's: it was difficult for an ordinary person to use online-bank regularly. Therefore, when I was offered to participate in the creation of an next-generation online bank, I accepted the offer with a great pleasure.
Firstbank's App wasn't the First

CIAN, Uprock, 2014
Surprisingly, in 2014 even the largest Runet websites didn't always think about the interface conversion and the comfort of their visitors.

The most popular Russian real-estate service CIAN was ugly pages of poorly structured information, where it was problematic for a person to find even a phone number. Therefore, when I, within the test task for the Uprock studio, conducted a UI/UX audit and created the redesign concepts based on it — an article about it was published on — Russia's #1 IT-community.

Got the job, by the way.
How to Get on the Rus­sia's #1 IT-website
SPBGuru and MSKGuru, 2016
There are situations in which it is impossible to carry out a large-scale redesign of the web-service: the old project, conservative audience, special SEO-optimization... In such conditions, it is necessary to act point-by-point, carefully measuring the impact of each individual interface innovation. It is even more difficult to find a suitable worker for such a job.

I managed to move out from the dead point of developing the interface of the Russia's most popular sites about new buildings — SPBGuru and MSKGuru.

So, how to organize such work?
Growth of the Con­servative Project
Hookah Paradise, 2014
Design a stylish brand, create a logo and tell visitors about a pretty large range with a small, laconic menu — good exercise for any designer.
How to Make
a Hookah-Bar More Attractive?
Lakhta-Center, Gazprom, 2015
Navigation shouldn't divert attention from the elegant architecture of the new complex. I reached the final of the «Lakhta-Center» navigation system's design contest with this idea.
in the Gaz­prom's Skyscraper
amagroup, 2016
At some stage of the company's growth, there is an understanding of the need to collect information about the work of each of it's employees. The reasons are to regulate internal processes for their further improvement, to free the managers time and to make workers easily learnable and interchangeable.

It is equally important that the team members to know and understand where the company is heading, for what vivid goals is it worth to work for?

Strategic planning and integration of the knowledge base helps to solve such problems.
Preparing an IT-Com­pany for the Fu­ture
39Production, 2016
Design knows no boundaries — people from all over the planet equally feel attention to details and ready to pay for it.

39Production brings talents together to create high-quality UI-Kits: useful sets of ready-to-use components for the fast creation of sites layouts. Designers from all over the world are buying our products in the international competitive environment.

This makes the birth of the brand's story interesting.
How to En­ter the Inter­na­ti­onal Design Mar­ket?
Ама, 2015
Buying, selling or renting an apartment can be a simple, reliable and even pleasant experience — with such a mindset we realised, perhaps, the most friendly real estate service ever. Unfortunately, the project didn't reach the launch, but the story of the creation, design and development deserves a book.
Find a Place for Your Heart!
amagroup, 2016
This story is much simpler than the above, but it shows how much the partner can be involved in creating a logo when the company bears his name.

How can a designer cope with a super-demanding partner?
When the Part­ner is Too Involved
Posh, 2013
Sometimes the logo or the other part of the corporate style works successfully — partner only wants to supplement it. In such cases, designer must understand the partner's and the audience's expectations correctly, feel the existing brand and it's limitations, and when creating a new one, it is necessary to carefully rely on the current components.
How to Comp­le­te a Ear­ley Made Brand?
Portfolio, 2012, 2015
The brain has three seconds to form an impression of what was seen and decide whether it deserves attention. Portfolio is the first thing that a potential designer's partner sees. Want to be in demand — be able to catch in three seconds. This is just one of the components of a successful portfolio, of course.
How to Create a Spectacular Portfolio?
Let's Write a New Story!
25 years old. 7+ years design experience. In the IT industry for more than 3 years. Graduated from St. Petersburg University of Technology and Design. UI/UX-Designer, Art-Director.
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